Global Innovation Fund $50K - $5M

The Global Innovation Fund invests in social innovations that aim to improve the lives and opportunities of millions of people in the developing world.

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About This Funding Opportunity

Eligibility Details

GIF supports teams from social enterprises, for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, international organisations, and researchers across all relevant sectors and doing work based in any eligible country in the developing world.

Application Guidance

Initial Application

[Step 1 - Initial Application]

The first step in applying to GIF required for all applicants is to submit an Initial Application. This includes a short online form and either a document (2-4 pages) OR a slide deck (8-12 slides e.g. in Powerpoint). Applicants are also welcome to submit a video (maximum 8 minutes) as an optional addition to the application. At this time we are only able to accept application materials in English.

The initial application should be considered as a summary business plan or project proposal, coupled with an explanation of how the innovation creates social impact. The initial application should include all the key aspects of a good business plan – the organisation’s mission, the team, the problem being addressed, the solution, the funding/business model, a growth strategy, the key risks and the planned uses of the funding requested, along with an approach for tracking results and social impact.

Initial applications will be reviewed by GIF staff and the most promising applicants will be invited to move on to the next phase. We will notify applicants whose initial application has passed this first step of the application process.

Full Application

[Step 2 - Full application.]

After submitting an Initial Application, the most competitive applicants will be invited to provide additional information through the submission of a Full Application. This application requires a more detailed description of the applicant’s innovation and plan, team composition, and supporting research/evidence with quantitative estimates. We will also ask for detailed budgetary projections and financial plans. GIF will undertake some due diligence of the innovator’s proposal at this point. We will provide further details on the Full Application process to innovators with successful Initial Applications. Applicants may be asked to address some tailored questions based on GIF’s initial application review and may be interviewed.  Each application will be reviewed by a panel composed of GIF staff and external experts with relevant expertise, and a funding decision will be made. 

Funding Agreement

[Step 3 - Funding agreement.]

Once an application has been conditionally approved through GIF’s review process, GIF will negotiate a funding agreement with the applicant. This part of the process will vary for different types of capital. For grants, there will be a grant agreement which may include milestones. For loans, the interest rate offered and conditions of the loan will be part of the agreement. For equity, there will be a valuation process and a termsheet.


Hi, I sent a message with few questions but never got a reply back.

Hi Asnee,

So sorry we haven't seen your questions. Can you send them to me directly and I'll forward to GIF? Thanks!

Hi Katie, where I can send you Message? In your website?

Dear Ms. Katie Shipley:

Is there any scope to make a "Joint Venture or License Agreement with US-AID?

Request for discussion on "Intellectual Property Development Program [IPDP]"

If you have or any other partners in this Exchange, then we can share the important innovations insight of "Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh" which are not only viable in socially and economically but also in financially for developing countries in the world.

Hello. Can I get a point of contact? Would like to connect you to our scale up grantees working in Pakistan in primary education. (please see profiles on innovations)

hi, I am from Jakarta Indonesia....
US-AID has cooperation with National development Planning Agency of Indonesia ( BAPPENAS ), is there any opportunity to contact them in here ? or directly to GIF ?

Thanks & Regards

I represent an patented Ecuadorian invention, called Laurentino System; is a fuel economizer that saves 35% of fuel consumption for all types of engine regardless of the fuel it uses, also reduce the emission of CO and CO2 by more than 60%, produce 18% and Increases engine power.

It is not an oil or fuel additive and does not interfere in the normal operation of the engine; it is a zero invasive device.

It is based on the implementation of quantum energy for its operation; it is completely eco friendly, zero harmful to the human being and the environment and does not generate any damage due to toxic or radioactive elements.

Our desire and goal is to make this innovative Ecuadorian invention known worldwide and we are looking for help either to test the device as well as the marketing and distribution of it in countries like United States, Europe or worldwide.

We believe that our invention can be helpful to improve our environment, reducing the contamination produced for every vehicle.

Please, we need your help, guide or support, this device really works, it is patented and we are open to any kind of test.

Thanks for your interest.
We hope this information is of interest to you and consider us for any help or development; we need help to make the necessary tests to certificate that this product reduces the pollution produced by engines.

For the attention given to the present, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks.

un point de contact SVP ?