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The Foreign Languages World and Tours Haiti, has a project aimed to empower the youths, Impact the usage of technology educationally, reinforce the communities and give Haitian students and professionals access to online education. It is really a change and the project name is The Change.

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1.Impact positively the usage of technology educationally

2.Empower the youth's ability in speaking languages especially English.

3.Create a Media Tech allowing students to attend class over their smartphones or computers.

4.Create, innovate and modify certain pedestrian paths to give the tourists, our students a better view of the country or a better way to explore the country.

5.Use all the human resources available to make a positive impact in the communities     

How does your innovation work?

AES, American English Speakers                                                           Provides English Classes planned in accordance with the American English Phonology both for kids and adults. We use technology such as: Apps, Softwares, Movies, Songs, Videos and various outdoor activities and more.        

KKA, Kou Kreyol Ayisyen                                                                       We teach foreigners or tourists how to speak the Haitian-creole with a very easy interactive program and we also use creole books provided by the Haitian Ministry of Education and so the ones of USAID including many types of outdoors activities.                                                                                                                                                                                 Haiti Special Language Solutions                                                            Provides translation services of all types of industries.                                                                                                                                                 High-Class Education                                                                               Provides haitian teachers, professionals, and students with free training of all types. We have a media tech centers to cover all the educational events like classes, conferences hosted by very important leaders, teachers, and others.    

Haiti Youth Projects                                                                                   This department is aimed to empower the youths, teach them how to use technology effectively, create some movements and activities for the youths by the youths, teach them their role in the community like: Youth Crime Watch, Youth Patrol, and a lot more activities.                                                                                                                                        Tour Guide                                                                                                We have been given tourists, journalists, ambassadors a walk through. We know and visited the most interesting places or locations and we are working on creating and innovating and improving certain pedestrian paths to better sell the image of the country or attract tourists and with this creates certain activities where the farmer, peasants can have a little income.   

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

● The Staff of FLW&TOURS HAITI  is well determined and excited about the project, Each and every single person in the team knows technology and created a department called Haiti Youths Project to help us target and address their needs.

● We know the gap in the teaching and that most of the population is uneducated and High-Class Education will address these issues by using the right human resources, conduct surveys, plan some Trainings and have any bit of necessary information reach the people living in the remote areas.

● Good listen and speaking skills in the language of Shakespeare are missed but through American English Speakers hundreds of Haitians will speak English native Americans and the representative of FLW&TOURS HAITI is a model for the Haitian youths on the level and has a success story on how mastering English gave him a way out.

● The ineffectiveness of the teachers in terms of using technology will finally come to an end, teachers are being trained and will be having very specific training or lecture on how to use technology: smartphones, computers, apps, basic software and the ones related to education, etc.    

Next Steps

Cover the country entire with the impact of the technology in the Haitian education system. have the ministry of education to be able to give at least the result of the official exams right the after the students are done with the exam. Give every community the possibility to show off their capacity and skills.

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