“Centre d’Encadrement et d’Accompagnement Technique en Entrepreneuriat” (CEATE) -  as english equivalent Center of Coaching and Technical Support in Entrepreneurship - is a non-profit organisation, founded in July 2012. It aims to contribute to business growth and socioeconomic development of business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs. CEATE works with micro, small and middle enterprises to provide solutions and personalized guidance to all companies operating in different sectors particularly : trade, industry, agriculture, the environment, crafts, tourism etc. It contributes to the drafting, development of business plans, marketing and accounting and the management and evaluation of business projects.

At a Glance

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Organization Type

  • Social Impact
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4, Imp. Tranquille, Rue Fragneauville, Delmas 75
Delmas (Haïti)

T : 509 3736 7000/3712 7179
E : info@ceatehaiti.org

Organization Mission

CEATE contributes to the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs by strengthening their capacity to create, maintain successful and sustainable businesses for the socioeconomic development of the country.

Area of Focus

Sensitization : To promote entrepreneurship and leadership thinking. Promote solutions to facilitate the emergence of a new entrepreneurial class in Haiti.
TRAINING: Transmit knowledge for the development of skills in entrepreneurship.
FUNDING: Create financial solutions for Entrepreneurs.
CONSULTING OR SUPPORT: Technically support Entrepreneurs by providing advice tailored to their needs to consolidate their businesses and facilitate product exchange.

Areas of Expertise

Evaluate/Review your innovation, Advise on Financial management and operations, Advise on sales and customer service, Give business planning and strategy advice