Extollo International

Extollo International

Hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid have been poured into Haiti for many, many years, yet it remains the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.

The construction industry can and should be a very strong economic stimulus to any economy but Haiti’s construction industry is in total disrepair. Haitians are not being properly trained to build to earthquake and hurricane standards. To tackle this seemingly insurmountable task, you need an organization and people who come from a successful and proven construction industry as well as people who can help develop men and women of character.

We are builders. Extollo’s Founder and its Director of Training are both active California General Contractors, each having built millions of square feet of commercial structures in compliance with some of the strictest building standards in the world, from residential homes, food packing plants, hi-tech manufacturing facilities in the Silicon Valley and everything in between. Many of our volunteers are Journeymen Craftsmen or hold Contractor Licenses. Bringing this level of experience into the hands-on operation of our training programs and also stressing the importance of integrity, responsibility and other essential character traits, is the difference Extollo can provide.

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Organization Mission

Extollo International is a faith-based humanitarian organization dedicated to serving people and communities.

Extollo International is dedicated to educating people in all areas of the construction industry, equipping them to build/rebuild their communities, reduce unemployment, stimulate the local economy and improve their quality of life.

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Construction and Vocational Training

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