Lakou Lapè

Lakou Lapè

Lakou Lape is an indigenous Haitian peace building community formed officially as a Community Organization in July 2012 which brings together different sectors of Haitian society through the implementation of inclusive peace building programmes and interventions.
The work of Lakou Lape is informed and underpinned by a set of values to which all of its members subscribe both collectively and as individuals. At the core of these values is the belief that alternative methods can be found to deal with conflicts without recourse to violence. We believe in non-violence, inclusivity and non-judgmentalism. Our aim is to provide alternatives to the suffering caused by violence and in the long term a transformation of the social structures that foster poverty.
Lakou Lape is both a direct delivery agent for peace building in Haiti and is also a broker which identifies practical needs in the communities that it serves and connects these needs to others who can satisfy them. It encourages and promotes the development of other non-state entities who desire to pursue the work of peace and development.
Lakou Lape focuses on multi level and multi sector peaceful change through preventive or remedial interventions in areas where violent conflict is an impediment to investment and development. We seek first of all to re-build relationships before discussing hot topics and further move on to collaborative action. The times spent together, the various exercises, lessons learned and sharing of thoughts help rebuild links between people, allow for team building and enable trust and cooperation.
Areas of intervention
Lakou Lape`s interventions aim at:
Mediating between groups and communities in conflict with each other;
Providing training in conflict management / transformation skills to actors at the grass roots community level, civil society, private sector and at the state and top political leadership level; 
Facilitating inclusive dialogue processes where actors from the small business sector, the health and religious sectors, gang members, women, members of the formal business sector, civil society, government and state actors and others are able to rebuild and re-humanise their relationships. These dialogues directly address the divisions in society by enabling interaction between societal stakeholders allowing participants to take responsibility and ownership for peace in their neighbourhoods and eventually in the whole country;
Training and developing neighbourhood-based local facilitators and mediators; advocacy for peace building curriculum, training and processes in the national universities and schools;
Creating platforms where the issue of violence and politics are discussed and participants are encouraged to take a stance for peace no matter what the stakes are;
Supporting and helping develop community based organizations which desire to promote peace and enlarge and continue the peace building work in their neighbourhoods of influence through the strengthening of their technical capabilities as well as human resources;
Developing processes and dialogue projects specifically aimed at youth at risk in violence prone neighbourhoods; Developing youth leaders engaged for peace
Promoting publicly a culture of peace in Haiti by establishing a presence and an advocacy for peace in national and social media. 
Some results to date:
Mediation of tensions between the armed groups of Martissant. Training these groups in dialogue and conflict transformation. 
Creation of three dialogue and cultural centers to serve the neighborhoods of Martissant, Bel Air and Saint Martin
Training in Peace building and conflict transformation processes of over 600 members of community organizations (CBO) in Martissant, Bel Air and Saint Martin
Development of a Youth Network for Peace in Martissant, Bel Air, Saint Martin and Cite Soleil.
Training of youth in Peace Building, Arts, Business creation and management
Training in Peace Building and dialogue of thirty candidates for local elections.

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Organization Mission

Our Vision
Lakou Lapè believes that a more equitable, peaceful and prosperous Haiti will be achieved through the improvement of mutual understanding and human relations built within and across social and economic divisions of the country resulting in an inclusive and just society.
Our Mission
Lakou Lapè builds peaceful communities through the transformation of violence and conflict throughout all levels of society in Haiti.

Area of Focus

  • Peace Building
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Mediation
  • Dialogue Processes
  • Youth Development
  • Entreprenuerial Development

Areas of Expertise

Grant/Proposal Writing, Relevent Training